As we face this unprecedented health crisis, we know that God is still sovereign and He loves us. We are committed to gathering, although "gathering" will look different over the coming months. We want to love and care for one another, continue to grow as disciples of Jesus and be adaptable as things continue to change. 



(please note that you're welcome to use your own words - but it's important that you manage people's expectations in this phone call so they're not caught off guard when you ask them a bunch of quite specific questions)

Hey ... ,

I'm calling because I've volunteered (along with a few others at church) to assist in calling all of the Members of Grace City this week. The purpose of this call is to see how you're going in the current circumstances and to make sure that we're doing everything we can do care for each other as a church community. 

So, I want to hear how you're going but I also want to ask some specific questions to make sure we know how best to care for you, as well as give you the opportunity to put your hand up to care for others.

Are you happy for me to jump in with some questions?


Tell us how you're going?

How can your church be helping YOU?

How can YOU be helping your church?


We are starting a PRAYER GROUP on WhatsApp which will be run by a few 'administrators; who will be the only ones who are able to post messages (so if you're worried about having your phone buzzing 24/7 - never fear - that won't happen in this group. 

Each week the Prayer Group Administrators will:

  1. Post 2x pre-written prayers to help fuel your prayer life in this difficult time when it can be hard to find the words to pray
  2. Post a list of the prayer requests received via our Connection Cards once a week (you can pray for these in your work time if you'd like to)
  3. Organise a fortnightly prayer session via Zoom which anyone is welcome to join (even if for just a short amount of time)
  4. Encourage us all to take a moment to pause and pray once a week wherever you are, whatever you're doing, so that we can intercede for other in this time of crisis (similar to the way everyone pauses at 11am on Remembrance Day).

This prayer group is totally opt-in and you're welcome to engage with the suggestions from the Prayer Administrators as much or as little as you like. 


Then make sure you click the "SUBMIT" button below.